Manufacturing and sales of quartz glass. We can process glass as you wish. japanese

gaiyou seihin seihin-rikagaku セラミック製品 siryou
We have 42 years experience of quartz glass.
Manufacturing, processing and sales.


We have many kinds of quartz glass product.
We can provide any size of glass as you wish.

Kinds of quartz glass
・Bell jar ・Chamber
・Silicon product(Si) ・SiO2 Target
・Ground product ・Vertical quartz core pipe
・Weighing tank ・Washing tank
We can provide any kinds of quartz glass as you wish.
Making full use of our many experience,we can process glass as you wish.

If you have any request about processing quartz glass such as size or shape,do not hesitate to ask us.

Please ask us the detail about processing and feature.
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We can provide low alkali products for semiconductor jig.

We can provide any kinds of quartz glass.

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