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gaiyou seihin seihin-rikagaku セラミック製品 siryou  

・Silicon nitride(Si3N4)

・Aluminum nitride(ALN)

・ High thermal conductivity, high thermal reflectance, and high soaking.
・ High thermal shock resistance and can endure rapid heating and quenching.
・ Low thermal expansion that matched with Silicon. It prevents transformation of the wafer by temperature change and
reduce particle generation due to exfoliation of deposited film.
・  Superior corrosion proof against fluorine-containing gas

・Semiconductor equipment (CDV,etching etc)
   Susceptor, electrostatic check, heater soaking board
   Vacuum check, heater
・ Dummy wafer
・ Target

・ Parts for the compound semiconductor equipment

・Sic etc
We are available to process parts for semiconductor equipment.

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We can provide any kinds of quartz glass.

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