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The environmental policy of Kobayashi-Special Glass Co.,Ltd

(1)We recognize that environmental conservation is the most important issue that we cannot miss in conducting business and try to continuously reduce environmental load. And we will contribute to establish social to realize continuous development.

(2)We sell environment freindly special glass.

(3)In order to reduce environmental load,we act based on the following policies, and we continuously improve the environmental management system, and prevent the pollution.
1. Promote to reduce and recycle the waste by reviewing the packing method and classification of the garbage.
2. Utilize and reduce paper.
3. Promote energy saving by reducing gasoline of the company cars and electricity in the office.

(4)We obey law, regulations, rule and guidelines of group which we approved about the environmental conservation.

(5)We shall be able to announce this environmental policy depending on request from the outside.

7th August 2015
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Kobayashi Special Glass Co.,Ltd

Managing director Ichiro Kobayashi

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